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The Ranunculus - Pattern Review

The Ranunculus - Pattern Review

Over the last few months you had the chance to get to know our team members a little bit better. Last month we unveiled our Knit Nerd and before we circle back to get to know each team member more (juicy details or not), we wanted to introduce another spin to us. 

Tara may have mentioned in her interview that she knits a lot.  We can attest she does.  She knits many of the new releases and some of the great oldies – and usually multiples.  

We thought it would be a great idea to use some of this virtual real estate (aka section) on Tara’s thoughts around popular patterns (whether new or old) and dive deeper into how the look of a garment can significantly change using different fibers.  

So let’s start and look at one of our (and thousands of makers) favourites – the Ranunculus (we have a podcast coming out hopefully tomorrow), where Angie, Gillian and Tara discuss the Ranunculus and other things, so make sure to watch!

Back to the Ranunculus by Midori Hirose….it’s a fan favourite as the pattern is written amazingly (is that a word? If not, we need it to be as that is the only way to describe it!) and walks you through each “section” of the sweater.  It is also size inclusive (mind boggling how it all starts with 60 stitches) and can be knit in ANY weight (except not bulky). What’s also fantastic about this pattern is that you can customize to what you want – small / large neckline, short / three quarter / long sleeves, and / or cropped or long body. The options are endless. 

While Tara hasn’t knitted different weights (YET, they are in her project pile), she has experimented with how the Ranunculus changes look / style with different worsted weight yarn.  

First up is Malabrigo Rios where the colour is swoon worthy and the fabric created drapes beautifully.  

Next is the Ranunculus in Noro Madara which is considered a medium / bulky weight.  Angie, Gillian and Tara all made one in Madara – aren’t they gorgeous (we are talking the sweaters, but thank you!). 

Gillian & Tara also made it in last months Yarn of the Month Berroco Remix. Theses recycled fibres create beautiful stitch definition and it's incredibly soft and has a lovely drape. 

And one last one just for a fun. It doesn't show well in the photo, but this is all shimmer and sparkle! 

Look how the same sweater can change with what yarn you choose.  Which one is your favourite?

Join the Ranunculus club! As always, we are happy to help you with picking the perfect yarn for your upcoming make. It doesn’t have to be what we highlight here.  Come on into the shop or email us!


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