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The Knit Stitch Report: A Rock It Tee Review

The Knit Stitch Report: A Rock It Tee Review

Let’s highlight another popular pattern in our maker community – one I saw very often at Knit City Toronto. This one is from a knitting rock star (total celebrity crush when I met her in person) – Tanis from Tanis Fibre Arts. It’s the Rock It Tee

So, I have mentioned that I knit a lot right? So far (yes there are plans to make more) I've knit two Rock It Tees. Because of the silhouette and length, I think it’s really the perfect summer tee to pair with jeans, shorts or linen pants, so I reach for them a lot.  Aaaannnnd I’ve made both of them out of wool (gasp – yes that’s right wool in the summer – I am a fan). 

What’s different about this month’s post is that my Rock It Tee's are not the exact same as the pattern.  I want to show that you don’t always have to follow the pattern to a tee (no pun intended).  Don’t be afraid to do modifications to suit your personal style, be creative! This is a perfect pattern to try it out.   

Don’t really love stripes like me? Knit it in one colour! 

Don’t really love the detail down the sides of the body? Knit it in the round without those yarn overs! 

That’s what I did.  

But the possibilities are endless really.  

Maybe you want to have 3 colours in your stripes. Or smaller stripes. Go for it.  

Or maybe you don’t like wearing mohair so choose the same base.  Or maybe make it all out of mohair to have a whispy layering piece (may not be for summer in our hot climate!). The sky is the limit.  


These types of mods are not changing the shape of the garment, just changing some of the details so that you get maximum gratification and wear – ending up with something that is uniquely for you.  

Just a side note – always remember if you are increasing length of sleeves or body, this will require more yarn. You don’t want to end up playing yarn chicken! 

I knit both of my tees in Leo & Roxy’s Sock – one in Geek in the Pink and the other is a Misfit colourway (these are always fab when you can get your hands on them).  There are so many beautiful colourways now in Leo & Roxy in both fingering / sock weight (Sock, Natural sock and Basics) and Mohair/Silk. Little Red Mitten has curated a lot of other beautiful brands in this department as well.  I invite you to check it out!  Also, check out our sample that is exactly to pattern specs so you can see it in all it’s glory. 


P.S. We are here to help if you want to bounce ideas off of us or figure out the mods.  


  • Lynne Devine: June 21, 2024

    I love the Rock It Tee. I have made one so far, but my plans were to make the same changes as you for the next one. My only disappointment??? Although I redid it several times to try to fix it, the bottom rolls up….

  • Cara Martin: June 16, 2024

    Such wonderful suggestions! Thanks Tara!! 🩵

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