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June's Yarn of the Month

June's Yarn of the Month

Wearing wool makes in the summer – that seems like an oxymoron doesn’t it? Well trust us, as we mentioned last month, wool is an amazing option (along with cotton, linen, viscose etc) for summer makes.  It’s ability to regulate temperature enabling you to stay cool in hot weather and absorb moisture has it top of our list this season.  

As we shatter wool is only for winter paradigm, we embrace and highlight our yarn of the month – Patagonia Organic Merino. Juniper Moon Farm creates gorgeously heathered colours in DK weight that shows off stitches and colourwork wonderfully.  This 100% organic wool is perfect for the eco conscious and those who have chemical sensitivities. And the colour selection is Ah-maaaz-ing! 

Let’s think about summer makes using Patagonia organic merino.  A shop and stemming from Knit City Toronto (where we saw a lot of them) favourite is the Ranunculus.  Yes, we always suggest this pattern because is it that GOOD.  IYKYK right? The lacework in this will pop in Patagonia. 

For those cool summer evening sitting outside on patio or by a campfire, we have curated some glorious colour combinations to make Choose Love Shawl Kits

As always we love to curate patterns we think would look fabulous in our yarn of the month.  This time round, we are thinking summer makes and here are a few we would suggest:

For our knitters: 

  • Field Sweater (of course we needed to highlight one of Ravelry’s most popular pattern and a “celebrity” test knitter).
  • Sabai Top  (this is perfect for layering or on it’s own)
  • Ankers Summer Shirt  (Tara knit this and is thinking about making a Patagonia one)
  • Movement Tee  (this is Lily Kate’s latest pattern – did anyone see her at Knit City Toronto?)
  • Shore Tee  (always supporting Anne especially while she is healing) 
  • My Little Secret Crop (again a wonderful layering piece or on it’s own)

For our crocheters: 

  • Jethro  (Ok so Tanis has hit it out of the park with this pattern AND she was at Knit City Toronto!)
  • Granny Square Side Spilt Top  (this is just such a cute summer pattern)
  • Loveland Shawl  (we don’t carry kits for this one but can help with colour combos)


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