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Get to Know our Team Members: Gillian

Get to Know our Team Members: Gillian

Our team is amazing and whether you come in to see us or are part of our virtual community, we want you to get to know us better.  

Move Over for our 5 Star yarn enabler….

So let’s introduce someone who is the mastermind behind LRM’s creative designs and social media, our photographer extraordinaire, a genius at pulling together colour and yarn combinations for any project, keeps us on our toes with her whit and fast responses, a true innovator with endless ideas and knowledge, and who rocks an amazing sense of style, Gillian McLeod.

Gillian, when did you join our team at LRM?
I joined in December 2020 so it’s been almost 3 years!

Knitter or Crocheter?
Knitter, but I started out with crochet. 

What’s your favourite yarn?
I don't play favorites but if I had to choose...Leo & Roxy and Full Moon Fibres. 

Favourite Weight/Fibre?
I love DK (or holding fingering weight double). Non-superwash and Mohair are part of my top fibres.

What’s your favourite colour(s)?
Right now, Citron green, or greens. Neons too! lol 

What is your favourite item to make?
I don't have a favourite, although I mostly have sweaters/tops in my closet so maybe I do. 

What are you currently working on?
I’m currently working on a Mystery Sweater in Cascade 220 Heathers. And now that the cooler weather is upon us - Mittens.  Oh, and a Tassles in the Sky shawl.

Cast on plans? 
All the things! Here are a few off the top of my head: I’d like a Christmas sweater, an Everyday sweater, would love to make a Super Bulky Poncho, my Neon Pink Sweater is still high on my list and Nightshift Shawl. I’m thinking maybe another brioche hat in there for a quick knit. Oh, and I’m looking forward to making the Nest Socks coming out on Dec. 1.

What handmade item do you always reach for?
In the summer, my Sungazers, the hard part is deciding which one! 
Otherwise I think it will be my newly finished Ranunculus made out of Noro Madara.

Describe your ideal day.
Don't like this question - ask me another. lol 

Ah we have run out of time ;)

If you are local, come in to say Hi to Gillian and hang out.  She’s at Little Red Mitten all the days when our shop is open – Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  You can also find her at most of our knit nights – Fridays from 6 – 8 pm.  


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