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Get to Know our Team Members: Angie

Get to Know our Team Members: Angie

Our team is amazing and whether you come in to see us or are part of our virtual community, we want you to get to know us better.  

So let’s start with someone who brings light to our day, creates amazing colour choices, makes our shop look beautiful, teaches some of our classes and helps with our makes – Hot Girl Summer is over, it’s time for cardigan wearing, pumpkin spice drinking Fall Girl Angie Gauthier.


Angie, when did you join our team at LRM?

September 2021, but I was teaching classes here for a couple of years at that point.

Knitter or Crocheter?

Knitter! I learned to crochet first and recently started working on some granny squares for an unknown finished project, maybe a blanket, perhaps a cardigan?

What’s your favourite yarn?

Leo & Roxy or Malabrigo – it’s too close to call.

What’s your favourite colour(s)?

Earthy tones, olive green for sure.  And Black, is black a colour? Yes. 

What is your favourite item to make?

I’m on a definite sweater kick! Trying to build up my hand knit wardrobe but it’s hard to wear things that are 80% complete.

What are you currently working on? What are you planning to cast on?

I am SO SO close to finishing my Ridgeview Tee (if it’s not done by the time this newsletter goes out I should probably be fired.)  I have a Trinigan that I am knitting in the Leo & Roxy advent 2022 Calendar, it’s gorgeous and I just have the sleeves and gigantic collar left to go.  I’ve been waiting for the cooler cozy weather so I can work on it again.

Cast on plans? That list is too long, but if I have to pick 2, the Instant Crush by Joji (see the instagram post for my yarn pick and colours) and Nutured by Andrea Mowry in Peer Gynt, brown number two (that’s not an actual colour but, iykyk.)

What handmade item do you always reach for?

I have to reach for everything. I am only 5 feet tall.

No, seriously:

My sungazers.  They are hands down my most worn handknits.

Describe your ideal day.

Would definitely start with coffee on the porch with my knitting and some good music.  Followed by a lunch that someone both makes and serves to me.  Then beach knitting.  That’s a thing.  Probably socks because they are small, but I’ve been known to knit a giant mohair shawl on the beach.  Then porch knitting with wine?  That sounds about right.  

If you are local, come in to say Hi to Angie and hang out.  She’s at Little Red Mitten most days when our shop is open – Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.  Angie also teaches some of our classes, be sure to check out the new line up (hopefully next week - first week of October).

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  • Patti: October 05, 2023

    Angie is a really great person. She has helped me a couple of time
    And made some great suggestions. Such an asset to the store.

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