Unbraided: The Art and Science of Spinning Colour

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We’ve all done it. Gone to a fibre festival, gotten super excited with all the pretty things, come home with a basket full of beautifully hand painted braids, only to be struck by analysis paralysis. What do we do with them? What’s the best way to spin them? We certainly don’t want to ruin them!

In this book, Rachel and Katrina, help to break down the mystery and give you a visual guide to how 6 different, but basic spinning techniques work up. Through breaking down the mystery, they hope to help you overcome the fear and dive right into spinning, instead of spinning! 

As always, enjoy the adventure! 

The idea for this book started when Rachel and Catrina (Reading) were having a conversation about colours and hand-painted fibre and how great it would be if there were a reference type book, similar to a ‘learning atlas’ for how to spin colour. Both Catrina and Rachel have careers in the field of science, but for those not in the know, think of a series of microscope slides printed one after the other in a column with a simple explanation of what one is seeing in the slide, that is essentially what a learning atlas is. Rachel then reached out to Katrina (Stewart), who happens to be a professional photographer and an enthusiastic handspinner, about collaborating to bring this book to fruition. And so the journey began.”