The Yarn Therapist: 80/20 Self-Striping Sock Sets

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Rainbow + Grey
Lady Balls
The 90's Called
Evergreen + Grey
All that Glitters + Grey
Red Hotness + Green
Neutrals + Navy
Embers + Grey
Evergreen + Grey
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Self Striping Sock Yarn makes approx. 2-3 row wide stripe, in 12 stripe sequence (ex. grey, colour, grey, colour, grey, colour, grey....) That repeat 8 times.

Each set comes with a mini.

Fibre Content: 80% Superwash Merino / 20% Nylon
Weight/Yardage: +90g = 366yds
Weight: Regular Sock / Fingering

How does it knit up?
Mini can be used for toes, heels, and cuff.
Self Stripe will have 12 stripes per sequence. 6 colours that each have a semi solid in between.

How do I knit my socks from it?
• Knit each sock starting from the same colour one at a time
• Or first wind into a cake with half of the repeats in one and half in the other one.

Will my socks be identical?
• Yes to pretty darn close.

Proudly dyed in Ontario, Canada