Fringe Twister Double

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Leclerc Fringe Twister is a real hand-saver! Easily twist two groups of threads together and then let them twist onto each other.
Approximately 4″ x 4″
Made of maple.
Double 5682-5683

To ply a fringed edge:

  • Decide on the number of strands to be included and divide them into two groups.
  • Clamp one group each into the clips, and holding the wooden crank in the center, turn crank clockwise until it kinks.
  • Holding the ends of each group, remove them from the clips.
  • Put both groups in one hand and secure the end of the bundle with an overhand knot.
  • Release the bundle to allow the groups to twist around each other counterclockwise.

More About Leclerc Looms

Leclerc Looms has been a leading producer of handlooms and weaving accessories for well over a century. The history of the Leclerc Loom company can be traced to 1874 and the founder, Alfred Leclerc. Less than a decade after the end of the US Civil War, in the Canadian province of Quebec, Alfred bought a flour mill in the town of St. Cyrille powered by a water wheel that had machinery for carding wool on the premises.