Single Felting Needles

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Fine - 40 Gauge
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FINE Felting Needles
Gauge: Triangular Fine 40

Barbs on 3 sides. A fine needle for detail work and getting a neat surface. Best not to use it when working with coarse fibres or for rough sculpting/bulk work.

COURSE Felting Needles
Gauge: Triangular Coarse 32

Barbs on 3 sides. This is a sturdy needle good for working with course fibres and firmly attaching pieces. Not great for detail or a neat surface.


STAR Felting Needles
Gauge: 38

With barbs on four sides it is a great all round needle, good for finer work and finer wools as well as bulky sculpting work.


SAFETY: Take care needles are very sharp. Please keep away from children.