A Twist in Craft February's Mystery Box is Here

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When you think of family, anything can happen, right? Best-laid plans can change in a heartbeat and those twists and turns can lead to something fun and new. 

With Family Day upon us (did we mention it’s our birthday weekend?) and March break around the corner, we are thinking – what can we do to keep ourselves and others entertained? 

As with most birthday presents, family events, or even March break, we don’t necessarily know what we are getting, or going to experience, as things can take a twist. This month’s mystery box embodies that element of “Oh I didn’t expect that!”

Discover the joy of crafting with our Mystery Box! Perfect for Family Day and/or March break, each box contains everything you need to complete a crochet, felting, or embroidery project. Try something new and unleash your creativity!

Look no further as our Twist in Craft Mystery Box is here! 

This is not a spoiler alert but for those who kinda want to know what MAY be in the box, here are a few clues:

  • It’s not a knitting box – it’s a twist of direction box! 

  • The first 8 boxes will have a little bonus craft

Boxes are available now. You can find our Twist in Craft mystery boxes in store or online.