Modern Daily Knitting - Field Guide No. 20: Atlas

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You are going to love these fresh, inspiring designs from knitwear legend Erika Knight, who always has her finger on what we want to knit and wear right now.

Beloved British designer Erika Knight has the sublime ability to pare down a knitwear design to its essence. In Erika’s vision, handknits are “soft armor” for our lives, an idea that resonates deeply with us right now.

The featured yarn for this Field Guide is MDK’s new wool, Atlas. The gauge is 20 stitches over 4 inches/10 cm, so we hope you’ll find easy candidates in your shop’s selection of worsted-weight and DK classics.

Field Guide No. 20 is all about the knits that become instant old friends, the ones that accompany us on our journeys. We can’t wait to start knitting them with you!

For Field Guide No. 20: Atlas, Erika Knight gives us five special pieces that will become companions for life.

Escalator Scarf: Big scarves are on our style sheet forever, and they sure seem to be having a moment right now. This scarf has it all: a lush swath of cables with runs of artfully dropped stitches, a generous swing of fringe, and asymmetrical hems.

Old Friend Pullover: The name says it all. This refined and roomy pullover expresses Erika’s vision of knitwear as soft armor, a stylish layer of warmth and protection. The destiny of this garment is to be worn, shared, and coveted. Don’t be surprised if a loved one makes off with it, is what we’re saying.

Stepping Stone Throw: Erika has a knack for celebrating knitwear traditions while throwing back the curtains to let in light and air. In the Stepping Stone Throw, she’s reinvented entrelac knitting with blocks of color and texture, pops of stripes, and stitches dropped on purpose. It’s a joyride to knit, and a blanket for now and forever.

Scrap Tote: Come for the sustainability, stay for the unbearable cuteness. This delightful small project sprang from Erika’s practice of using up every scrap she can after she designs a collection. This little tote is also a great entrelac warmup, and making the lining is a perfect way to upcycle a muslin shopping bag.

Knight Hood: A current fashion week favorite, the balaclava, but Erika’s way: timeless and chic. The Knight Hood is a raffish cowl that you can hike up for an instant headcover. Either way, it’s got stylish warmth for days.