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What's Gillian been up to?

What's Gillian been up to?

Over the last few months you had the chance to get to know our team members a little bit better. We’ve had interviews, introduced Knit Nerd, and last month took a spin on patterns our team member’s love and how they show that love by doing multiple makes!

Last month we reconnected with Angie, now let’s circle back to Gillian with the same questions.


Gillian, how are you doing? (this is a loaded question, so let’s keep it short).
I'm just peachy!! 

What’s on your needles these days?
Not much, I've been crocheting a lot more. Working on some granny squares, still trying to figure out what to make with them. Oh, I did start The Shift cowl with our new Lazy Hazy Summer Cotton. It's pretty so far, all 19 rows! haha  And, I finally finished a Franny Granny Poncho with Leo & Roxy’s Yarn-a-Day Advent from two years ago  

As spring has sprung, what do you want to make for spring?
Kore is top of my list. I'm thinking of doing the front Knitted and the Back Crocheted

What’s your favourite spring / summer pattern?
Probably the SunGazer!

Thinking of spring, it’s a season of growth, is there anything you want to learn new, skills you want to elevate, etc?
One day I'd like to try/learn tunisian crochet. Non-yarn related, I've been playing (not really, I'm being safe) with my dad's saw to build things. :)

Since it was Leo & Roxy’s birthday month, what is your favourite Leo & Roxy base? Favourite colourway?
I love their Mohair/Silk. My favourite colourway is probably: I Can't Stop Talking, and McSteamy. Oh, and Pink Flamenco! 

To give more ideas to those who are spring cleaning their yarn at home, what is your favourite stash busting project?
Granny Squares are always great! So are mitred squares, although I've never made one, but I'd like to. But mostly I like playing with colour and using my leftovers to create fades. You can take almost any pattern and fade it. 

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