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What's Angie been up to?

What's Angie been up to?

Over the last few months you had the chance to get to know our team members a little bit better. We’ve had interviews, introduced Knit Nerd, and last month took a spin on patterns our team member’s love and how they show that love by doing multiple makes!

It’s been a while since we have heard from Angie.  Let’s see what she has been up to.  


Angie, how are you doing? (this is a loaded question, so let’s keep it short).

I’m doing pretty great at the moment, we just got back from visiting friends in St Augustine, FL and I’m feeling pretty refreshed and relaxed (though coming home to a snow storm was NOT very pleasant). I brought 3 projects along - was I over ambitious? Yes. I ended up exclusively knitting on my Halu, knitting through the yoke on my way down, knitting a little on the beach, and then knitting almost all the way through the body on the drive home!  So I'm pretty happy with that progress.  I'm loving the neckline and the look, just trying to decide if I have enough patience to make full-length sleeves ;)

What’s on your needles these days? Um, I just answered that silly.  But the other two projects unmentioned above are a pair of socks and an Oakhaven Tee in Leo & Roxy McSteamy.

As spring has sprung, what do you want to make for spring? I’d love to knit the store sample Volute in one of the new cottons, still trying to decide which one!

What’s your favourite spring / summer pattern? I adore my Sungazer Tees, they are always perfect over a dress.

Thinking of spring, it’s a season of growth, is there anything you want to learn new, skills you want to elevate, etc? I’d like to figure out how to fit an extra day into my week, do you know much about space/time travel?  Or are you asking about more practical, technical skills? I’d love to carve out some time to clean and service the knitting machines I was given this past year so I can play with them a little more!  

Since its Leo & Roxy’s birthday month, what is your favourite Leo & Roxy base? Favourite colourway? 80/20 sock all day long.  My favourite colourwary is McSteamy.  It’s a classic.

To give more ideas to those who are spring cleaning their yarn at home, what is your favourite stash-busting project? Oh this is easy.  The girls totally made me make a pair of Stephen West Marled Mania leggings, which are Ah-Mazing.  They knit up so much faster than I thought they would and they are super cozy for cold days.  I will say that I increased the length of the rise so they hit my waist a little higher (just a little extra tip!)


Thanks Angie! We can’t wait to see what you make this season.

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