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November's Yarn of the Month: Noro

November's Yarn of the Month: Noro

As the November rain settles in, we are witnessing nature’s beauty.  We are surrounded by the glory of leaves changing colour – luscious summer greens have morphed into vibrant reds, fiery oranges and brilliant golds as nature prepares for winter.  Nature’s brilliance catches our eyes and even takes our breath as we are driving, watching our kids play at the park or even enjoying an autumnal walk (when it’s not raining).  

This month we want to highlight our love of Noro.   

Noro yarns are known for their vivid hues and unique combinations of colours found in nature and everything around us. The product range is all natural fibers further focusing on the natural world, where you can find yarn of wool, silk, mohair and other fibres from animals and plant – all from certified organic farms and ecological processes that are closely monitored. Mr. Noro, founder “By mixing colours, we can give a more natural feel reminiscent of oceans, mountains, flowers, trees and so on” (  

Not only do the colours set Noro apart, the quality of its handspun, loosely processed yarn also embodies its natural heritage, resulting in unique and beautiful makes that are truly one of a kind. Those who love Noro get mesmerized by seeing how the colours play out in their project where (sorry not sorry) other life things get put on hold for that “one more row”.

How much do we love Noro? Well….

We carry an extensive range of Noro that spans many weights (sock to worsted) – in no particular order of preference, we stock Madara, Silk Garden Sock, Silk Garden Sock Solo, Hanui, Rikka, Ito, Silk Garden Solo, Malvinas, Silk Garden, Kakigori and Nubecita. Ummm Wow we cover every season and endless projects with this selection!  Do you have a favourite?

Here are some of our shop samples of Noro we have to showcase. 

A staff and customer favourite is the Skylights Pullover by Tanis Lavalee knit in a combination of Noro Silk Garden and Leo & Roxy Yarn Co. Mohair / Silk creating a glorious lightweight chunky knit (how is this possible?). Noro Madara held with mohair would also be devine. 

Those who share our love for Noro are always excited to see the newest Noro Magazine (currently issue 23), which inspires makers and showcases the endless beauty of this yarn with wonderful patterns ranging from accessories to pullovers. 

To make life easier, we also offer kits that include Noro – Terrazzo Sweater by Petite Knit (using Noro Silk Garden Sock Solo and Leo & Roxy Yarn Co. Mohair/Silk) and Flicker and Flame Worsted Hat Kit by Andrea Mowry (using Noro Silk Garden and Julie Asselin Nurtured). We are also more than happy to help you pick colours and yarn combinations for your next Noro project! 

We would also love to see you join us for our upcoming class – Entrelac Scarf with Jane - on November 15 and 29th 2023 from 6:00 – 7:30 pm, where we recommend using Noro Silk Garden to bring this beauty to life. If you are interested, please register soon as spaces are limited. This will be the last scheduled class for this in 2023.

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