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Get to Know our Team Members: Tara

Get to Know our Team Members: Tara

Our team is amazing and whether you come in to see us or are part of our virtual community, we want you to get to know us better.  

“Oh Boy I’m in trouble, this yarn is beautiful….”

So let’s introduce our newbie to the team, our Knitting Dynamo! Always one step ahead of us with the latest patterns, completing projects with an impressive speed that leaves everyone in awe. Tara also lends her creativity to help craft and shape the very newsletter you are reading.  

Tara Lenaghan, ensuring her needles are always in motion.  Read Tara’s interview below...she has some interesting answers!


Tara, when did you join our team at LRM?
I’m the newbie! But not a rookie – I’ve been a customer of Little Red Mitten for ages popping in with my mum when I would come to St. Thomas to visit family. I was super excited to join the team recently! 

Knitter or Crocheter?
Knitter hands down.

What’s your favourite yarn?
Everything. I’m like a magpie to shiny things when it comes to yarn. A serious purveyor of beautiful yarn with a rather large collection (maybe a museum caliber?).  Sadly my husband doesn’t share the same sentiment. Lol.

From a brand perspective, my old faithfulls are Malabrigo and Cascade.  I also have a love affair with North American indie dyers such as Leo & Roxy, Juniper Moon Fibers and Sweet Pea & Sparrow (my stash proves it). Oooh - I can’t forget my love of HHF as well. 

Favourite Weight/Fibre?
I prefer 100% wool over blends and non superwash.  And I do like DK / Worsted weight the most.  I knit a lot of sweaters in that weight. 

What’s your favourite colour(s)?
I love green.  And teal.  

I go through colour phases – last summer it was pink where most of my makes were pink (it had no influence from the Barbie movie!). Purple was Fall’s colour for me.  Let’s see what Winter will be! 

What is your favourite item to make?
Pullovers knit in the round.  I make many of them.  

What are you currently working on?
I’m a monogamous knitter having one wip at a time (gasp!). I’m finishing up a test knit pullover now. (She's probably finished it by now, it's been a few days since we asked ;) )

Cast on plans? 
My list is longer than Santa’s. Where should I start? I have a basket where I place all my monthly “planned” projects so it’s handy (yes, a bit Type A behaviour and I do like process).  But then I get swayed from my “knitting with friends” group and add another project from FOMO.  And then I see new yarn at Little Red Mitten and add to the plans.  And then a pattern goes on sale…it’s a slippery slope folks. 

So the projects in the basket for January is:

  • High Point Pullover by Tif Neilan in Sweet Pea & Sparrow DK
  • Tecumseh by Caitlyn Hunter in Full Moon Fibres DK
  • Halu by Caitlyn Hunter in Manos del Uruguay Sami DK (this month’s yarn!)
  • Pink Velvet by Andrea Mowry in Leo & Roxy 80/20 sock and silk / mohair

What handmade item do you always reach for?
I try to rotate my handmade pullovers.  The one I’ve been wearing a lot recently is the Willow Branch Pullover by Tif Neilan (it’s part of my purple phase). 

With the cooler weather, I’m wearing out my Sophie Shawl by Petite Knit.  I made the large and I absolutely love that item! 

Describe your ideal day.
A day void of irritations. Lol. 

Ah we have run out of time ;)

If you are local, come in to say Hi to Tara. She’s at Little Red Mitten on Thursdays.  We can't wait to see you!

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