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Get to Know our Team Members: Pam

Get to Know our Team Members: Pam

We’re pausing circling back to see what our team members are currently up to, as we have a “new” (well not so new to some) face on our team.  

Here’s a huge warm welcome to Pam Graham who joined our Little Red Mitten family in a greater capacity last month.  Some of you may know Pam already as she teaches some of our courses. Pam’s calm demeanor brings such a warmth to our shop.  We are excited as Pam will be around throughout the day and you will see her regularly –and she can share her expertise and knowledge every day! 

Let’s see Pam’s answers to our introductory interview questions shall we?


Pam, when did you join our team at LRM? 
April 23rd 2024, but a customer from the beginning. 

Knitter or Crocheter? 
Mostly knitting but I can do basic crochet.

What’s your favourite yarn? 
Leo & Roxy of course! I love hand dyed yarn. 

Favourite Weight/Fibre?
Fingering weight wool is my go-to but I like a little lace thrown in now and again. 

What’s your favourite colour(s)? 
Greens and blues but I’m a fan of them all. 

What is your favourite item to make? 
I love making shawls, scarves and wraps. 

What are you currently working on? 
Wow. That is a big question. I cannot even count all my WIPs. (Ahh, she is one of those…) Let’s go with active projects shall we? I have an Ursa sweater, an Ochre Cardigan, four shawls and three hats. Oh and two cowls. Some are pictured above. 

Ok that is a lot on the go Pam. 

Cast on plans?
So many plans. I have pages of design ideas that I can’t wait to cast on! For already published patterns, I have a kit for Marie Wallin’s Ennerdale Cowl that was a beautiful gift from my husband and girls that is waiting to get on the needles. I’m also about to start spinning my yarn for the Traveller Shawl by Andrea Mowry.

What handmade item do you always reach for?
I always have a Sockhead Slouch Hat at the ready. 

Describe your ideal day.
My ideal day would be a day of making (knitting, spinning, sewing, painting, dyeing) with Great British Bake Off in the background, the only interruption being delivery of coffee and treats.

Oh and Pam, you didn’t mention something that a little lambie told us. Care to mention any details of your small business?
Yes, I am currently dyeing yarn and fibre, sewing project bags, and designing patterns under Firefly Haven Fibre.  At the moment I have 80/20 superwash sock yarn and merino top fibre but I hope to branch out into more bases very soon.

How did you get into dyeing yarn?
I was actually inspired by Jolyn. I attended one of her dyeing demonstrations and was determined to give it a shot!  I love being more involved in the different steps of the process of making things.  My next project will be to dye the fibre, spin it, then knit a sweater of my own design.

And how can we get our hands on this yarn?
My wares are available at and at the one and only Little Red Mitten. Trunk show on June 29th, 2024!!! 

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