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Get to Know our Team Members: Katrina aka Knit Nerd

Get to Know our Team Members: Katrina aka Knit Nerd

Our team is amazing and whether you come in to see us or are part of our virtual community, we want you to get to know us better. We’ve already showcased everyone who you see in our shop, so now let’s go behind the scenes. We have lots of people who volunteer and help out when needed. We are happy to introduce the person who is Knit Nerd! Hello to Katrina Bosch!

Katrina is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to knitting.  She is a walking encyclopedia of knowledge (well I guess nowadays she’s the google of knitting techniques).  Always willing to help and provide guidance, we love having her around as our expert.  Katrina’s kind and gentle approach is so welcoming as she navigates through knitting issues.  She teaches some of our classes and also mends those well-loved sweaters that we don’t want to part with to extend their life.

Read Katrina’s interview below...she has some interesting answers!


Katrina, when did you start helping out at the LRM team? I have been helping out at the Little Red Mitten in various ways since 2020 when I started teaching online classes throughout the Pandemic.

Tell us how you became our Knit Nerd? A friend taught me the basics of knitting in 2010 and from that point forward I was hooked but had to largely teach myself with the help of the internet. I've always been a fast learner and I dove in head first, absorbing all of the information I could. To this day I still take every opportunity to learn new techniques and facts. Oh and it helps that I love math!

Why do you love knitting? I love the process of creating something using my hands. I've never been very creative so art has never appealed to me, but knitting is a way that I can envision something I want to make and use stitches, math and time-honoured skills to bring it to fruition.

What’s your favourite yarn? I absolutely love working with Juniper MoonPatagonia Organic Merino. I love how soft and lofty it is and how much it blooms. There aren't many commercially spun woolen yarns on the market so it is a staple in my stash. It is perfect for colour work and lightweight but warm FO's.

Favourite Weight/Fibre? I work mostly with merino fingering but I prefer working with heavier weights like DK and Worsted because I enjoy the speed at which they knit up. I'm an instant gratification kind of gal. My absolute favourite fibre is Yak. I like it either blended with merino or silk or just 100% yak. If you've never had the opportunity to hand yak or Qiviut, I encourage you to seek some out at your next fibre festival.

What’s your favourite colour(s)? Purple! I also love teal since it pairs so nicely with purple.

What is your favourite item to make? I love making shawls. I love all the design and colour possibilities. However I tend to make mostly sweaters these days since one can only have so many shawls.

What are you currently working on? I have at least 20 wips on the go, I'm terrible for casting on something new before finishing a project, but my main focus is the Northwoods V Neck by Jessie Mae

What handmade item do you always reach for? I have a scrappy blanket that I made last winter that sits on my couch 24/7 and if I'm on the couch, it is covering me.

Describe your ideal day. I love quiet Sundays when I have no other plans and can get up, make a cup of coffee and sit by the window in a comfy chair, knitting for hours. Maybe with some reading breaks dispersed throughout the day.

Don't forget to check out our Knit Nerd Blog and submit your own questions. 

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