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February: Yarn of the Month

February: Yarn of the Month

Each month we like to highlight a yarn we offer at Little Red Mitten.  This month we are going to spread our love across all weights and showcase our vast array of Berroco yarns. 

Why do we love Berroco? The bountiful colour options (both in heathers, solids, naturals and handdyed) and the amazing price point, which makes our makes more affordable. Plus, each weight of Vintage has a great blend of fibres creating a superwash yarn (yay it can be washed – dryer is still a “no no”). 

What lines do we have you ask...we carry a vast array of Berroco
- The full line of Vintage, including Sock, Baby, Baby Handpaints, DK, Worsted & Chunky
- Remix (worsted) & Remix Light
- Ultra Chunky Alpaca Natural
- New...arrived days before the newsletter was set to come out...Tillie! A new yarn from Berroco, this cotton blend has a gorgeous drape, smooth feel, and long-lasting durability. 

Normally we would search Raverly to identify some beautiful possibilities for these yarns, but this month we don’t need to as we have a lot of shop samples we want to highlight. Make sure you are following our social media (links are at the bottom of this email) to see all our beautiful samples. Can't wait? You can check out the patterns we've made with Berroco on our Ravelry page. We've saved them all in a bundle for you! 

For lighter weight makes or socks, we offer Berroco Vintage Sock in a number of beautiful heathered colours. This would make a closet staple and a great pair of Everyday Socks

In DK weight, we offer the most base and colour options that open up a world of possibilities for makes.  For blankets, clothing and accessories (and even dolls!) Berroco Vintage DK has a tonne of colour options and is wonderful.  Making something for a little person? Berroco Vintage Baby DK and Berroco Vintage Baby Handprints are perfect for knitting or crocheting for that someone special (and you don’t have to worry about tired parents felting it in the washing machine!). Berroco Remix Light would make wonderful summer tops, totes and wraps to name a few as it is blended with linen which creates a beautiful summery drape. We made a Shift Hat and Mittens, Oulo Mitts and a Kirby Baby Sweater in the DK. 

In worsted weight, we offer Berroco Vintage Worsted and Berroco Remix. Perfect for pullovers, cardigans, blankets and accessories – especially wonderful for colourwork with all the colour options. In our shop, we have made Antler Mittens in vintage worsted and Mini Wrong Side and Deschain Sweater in the remix. 

For winter accessories, hearty blankets and chunky makes, we offer Berroco Vintage Chunky and if you wish for a more luxurious make, Berroco Ultra Chunky Alpaca Natural (ooooh lala). The Alpaca blend is not a superwash.  We made a Friend to Friend Cowl in Vintage Chunky and Tiilda Hat in Ultra Chunky Alpaca.

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