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Blocking Knits with Soak

Blocking Knits with Soak

Blocking Knits

By the experts at Soak Wash Inc.

Blocking knits is an important step that is often missed because knitters aren't sure what it is, what the value is, and how to do it. Blocking your knits with Soak will ensure your hand knits look their best and keep your fibers fresh with our eco-friendly no-rinse wash.

Prep work:

Finish your Soakworthy hand knitted object.

Fill a basin or sink with lukewarm water.

Add Soak in your favorite scent, or scentless for your sensitive side.

Place knit garment in water and let it soak for 15 minutes, ensuring it is fully saturated and surrounded by water.

If your yarn is hand dyed, don’t be surprised if there is some over dye in the water during the soaking process.

If you are blocking a larger item, you don’t want to lift up the weight of the water in the garment. It will stretch and distort the fibers. Be sure to support the weight of the garment with both hands as you remove it from the water.

Gently squeeze excess water out of item, without wringing or twisting the fibers.

Place item on a dry towel and line up any striping, cables or lines to keep them straight.

Roll towel with item inside to squeeze out any extra moisture.

Use a drying rack or anywhere that allows airflow on both sides of the item, and adjust the item to how it should look when it’s dry.

For intricate details like lace, lay garment flat on a drying surface like foam and manually adjust design to finished garment measurements and use straight pins to keep item in place. For accuracy, use a ruler to ensure all design elements are the same width and length.

Allow item to dry overnight. Once fibers are completely dry, the knit design should be the proper size and lie flat when worn. Enjoy your newly handmade, totally Soakworthy garment!

Continue to hand wash your knit items with Soak to keep the delicate fibers looking their best. 

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