Leo & Roxy Work Sock Set


These work sock sets add a little bit of luxury and uniqueness to your typical work sock! Choose a more traditional red, or go wild with your contrast! Aren’t these socks just so fun? They’re the perfect thing to make for yourself, or they also make a great Christmas gift!


These sets include:

our new Marled base 100gm (400 m/437y)
80/20 in Leo 30gm (109y)
80/20 in Contrasting Colour 10gm (36y)
Work Sock Pattern


Contrasting colours available:


Pink Flamenco – bright pink
Slush Puppy – bright blue
Kinder Flamingo – light pink
Spruce – deep green
Purple Reign – bright purple
In the Hood – red

  • In The Hood
  • Kinder Flamingo
  • Pink Flamenco
  • Purple Reign
  • Slush Puppy
  • Spruce


More About Leo & Roxy Yarn Co.

Leo & Roxy Yarn Co. is the pride and passion of a couple of Canadian indie-dyers, Kerri Masseo & Jolyn Gardner, looking to get their fibre freak on!

First, to clear things up, we’re not Leo or Roxy – they’re just our ‘animal inspiration’.

LEO is a 1 year-old rambunctious, Rambouillet and sibling of ‘Socks’ and ‘Gansey’ at the Gardner homestead.  While a bit young yet, all will be donating their yearly shearings for an up-and-coming farm to needle product line of custom harvested, spun, and dyed yarn provided direct from our farm Baaaaaad Boys lol -stay tuned.

As for ROXY, she’s our colour mascot – a 1 year-old, Green Cheek Conure with some serious sass – who’s now growing into her colours and inspiring our need to be colourfully creative, and have fun doing so (and occasionally bite but we’re working on that 😉).

We hope you’ll love our yarn as much as we love creating it.  

Additional information

Weight N/A
Work Sock Contrast

In The Hood, Kinder Flamingo, Pink Flamenco, Purple Reign, Slush Puppy, Spruce