Schacht Trestle Floor Stand

Schacht Loom Stands normally need to be special ordered from our supplier. This usually takes a week or more.Please contact us ( or 519-207-2880) for prices and availability and to place your order. We’ll confirm the order, wait time, and shipping costs before processing your order.


Make your weaving easy and comfortable with the Trestle Stand! Designed to work with both Flip and Tapestry Looms (as well as the now discontinued non-folding rigid heddle loom), you can quickly adjust the angle of the loom for maximum comfort. When the loom is in the horizontal position, it is at just the right height for use with a standard chair.

The quick release system makes it easy to remove your loom from the stand for travel or storage. Simply slide the loom into the grooves on the tops of the Trestle Stand legs, attach the adjuster bars, tighten the knobs, and you’re off and weaving.

Over the years, there have been some design changes to the Trestle Stand. These changes may require an insert kit to modify looms built prior to 2/17/10 to make them compatible with the current Trestle Stand design.

Height: 75 cm (29.5”) Depth: 46 cm (18”) Width: Overall loom width plus 13 cm (5”) approximate.

Loom sold separately.