Leo & Roxy Marled Sock


The craze for our Marled Sock yarn started with our Work Sock Sets, but now it’s available on its own! This natural/dark charcoal marled yarn not only makes amazing socks, but is perfect for sweaters, shawls, and other accessories as well!


Fibre Content: 80% Superwash Merino / 20% Nylon / 100% Good Vibes
Weight: Fingering, 113 grams (4 oz.), 400 metres (437 yards)
Gauge: 24-32 sts/10 cm (4″) on 2.0-3.25 mm (US0-3)

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More About Leo & Roxy Yarn Co.

Leo & Roxy Yarn Co. is the pride and passion of a couple of Canadian indie-dyers, Kerri Masseo & Jolyn Gardner, looking to get their fibre freak on!

First, to clear things up, we’re not Leo or Roxy – they’re just our ‘animal inspiration’.

LEO is a 1 year-old rambunctious, Rambouillet and sibling of ‘Socks’ and ‘Gansey’ at the Gardner homestead.  While a bit young yet, all will be donating their yearly shearings for an up-and-coming farm to needle product line of custom harvested, spun, and dyed yarn provided direct from our farm Baaaaaad Boys lol -stay tuned.

As for ROXY, she’s our colour mascot – a 1 year-old, Green Cheek Conure with some serious sass – who’s now growing into her colours and inspiring our need to be colourfully creative, and have fun doing so (and occasionally bite but we’re working on that 😉).

We hope you’ll love our yarn as much as we love creating it.  

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Leo & Roxy Colours

Ace of Cups, Ameraucana, Baby Doll, Beachcomber, Betray, Birthday Party, Bumbleberrylicious, Butterfly Kisses, Caviar & Cigarettes, Celery Juice, Chocolate Dipped, Colour #3, Confetti Cake, Dark Queen, Debut, Dew, Electric Lemonade, Empress, Giddy Up, Glo Stix, Hey Girl, I'd Rather Be Blue, Ice, Ice Baby, It's Our Birthday, Kinder Flamingo, King's Treasure, Leo, Major Tom, Mauve-o-licious, McSteamy, Megxit, Meredith, Midnight Goddess, Mink, Monet, Octopus Garden, Olive You, Omen, One for the Money, Orange Crush, Overjoy, Password, Patches to Patches, Pink Flamenco, Pink Moon, Purple Reign, Quartz, Radical, Slush Puppy, Smudge, Spruce, Straw Into Gold, The Teal Deal, Third Planet From the Sun, Thunder Pecan, Tranquil, Trixie, Unicorn Burps, Unicorn Garden, Vexed, Victorian Christmas, Wish I Were a Mermaid