Andy Shawl Kit


We’ve created kits for Laura Dobratz’s Andy Shawl that features pops of colour, loads of subtle texture, and an edgy picot bind off.

This shawl is just so much fun that we HAD to put together some kits for it!

Each kit includes a 150g skein of the main colour and 4 20g mini skeins for the contrasting colours in Leo & Roxy 80/20.

These kits do not include the pattern for this shawl, the pattern can be purchased on Ravelry HERE.

Collection 1 – Meredith (Main), Pink flamingo, Tranquil, Password, & King’s Treasure (Contrasting)
Collection 2 – Meredith (Main), Pink Flamingo, Tranquil, Glo Stix,  & Purple Reign (Contrasting)
Collection 3 – Patches to Patches (Main), Straw into Gold, Meredith, Hey Girl, & King’s Treasure (Contrasting)
Collection 4 – King’s Treasure (Main), Meredith, Eat Your Algae, Kinder Flamingo, & Tranquil (Contrasting)
Collection 5 – Izzy (Main), King’s Treasure, Eat Your Algae, Kinder Flamingo, & Tranquil (Contrasting)

  • Combination 1
  • Combination 2
  • Combination 3
  • Combination 4
  • Combination 5


  • More About Leo & Roxy Yarn Co.

Leo & Roxy Yarn Co. is the pride and passion of a couple of Canadian indie-dyers, Kerri Masseo & Jolyn Gardner, looking to get their fibre freak on!

First, to clear things up, we’re not Leo or Roxy – they’re just our ‘animal inspiration’.

LEO is a 1 year-old rambunctious, Rambouillet and sibling of ‘Socks’ and ‘Gansey’ at the Gardner homestead.  While a bit young yet, all will be donating their yearly shearings for an up-and-coming farm to needle product line of custom harvested, spun, and dyed yarn provided direct from our farm Baaaaaad Boys lol -stay tuned.

As for ROXY, she’s our colour mascot – a 1 year-old, Green Cheek Conure with some serious sass – who’s now growing into her colours and inspiring our need to be colourfully creative, and have fun doing so (and occasionally bite but we’re working on that 😉).

We hope you’ll love our yarn as much as we love creating it.  

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