JUL Designs Shawl Pins and Sticks


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JUL Designs Marrakech Shawl Pin
JUL Designs Corinthian Palm Shawl Pin
JUL Shawl Pin SP61 Ram Pennanular
JUL Shawl Pin SP3 Classic Off Center Rosewood
JUL Shawl Pin SP50 Mod
JUL Shawl Pin SP49 Coil
Jul Designs ST49 Coil Shawl Stick
Jul Desings ST42 Inca Shawl Stick Mountain Sheep
Celtic Knot Shawl Stick ST70
Dayak Shawl Stick ST54



We are inspired by travel and art, ethnic and historic design and the natural world. We bring these influences into our collections and work to tell the stories that informed the shapes we produce for you. We want these stories to be part of what makes our pieces interesting and we always care whether they are beautiful. You spend time making your garments and accessories. You look for gorgeous and sensuous materials and devote your physical energy to what you create. We feel a sense of responsibility to respond to that devotion and attention by devoting and attending to the ornaments we make that help you to feel fabulous in your knitted and crocheted creations.

Our metal and wooden shawl pins are handmade Fair Trade in Indonesia and in the United States by skilled artisans.  We make uniquely beautiful original designs of the highest quality. Choose from our curated original collections of shawl pins and sticks inspired by ancient and contemporary ethnic designs and the works of painters and other artists from around the world.  The diversity of inspiration we draw on means our designs have rich and varied stories and associations, lending them meaning and enhancing their special beauty.Jul Designs

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Marrakech SP59, Corinthian Palm SP63, Ram Penannular SP61, Classic Off Center SP3, Mod SP50, Coil SP49, Dayak Pin SP54, Wild Grape Tendril Pin SP47, Coil Stick ST49, Mountain Sheep Stick ST42, Celtic Knot Shawl Stick ST70, Dayak Shawl Stick ST54