Knitter's Pride 16" Interchangeable Cord

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Extra cables for your Knitter’s Pride needles. Resilient, flexible cords that lay flat with no kink or twist. They have a smooth join that enables stitches to slide around the needles effortlessly. The long threaded screw-in join ensures that the cords and needles stay connected. There is a tightening hole provided in the metal join for extra secure tightening and the specially designed key facilitates effortless tightening. The end caps easily fit on the cord and keep your knitting safe.


  • 1 cord
  • 2 end caps to hold your project on the cord (so the needle tips can be used for another project)
  • 1 cord key

Please note: The 16″ cord can only be used effectively with the short tips (as found in the Dreamz Set and in the Cubics Set).


More About Knitter's Pride

Our core belief at Knitter's Pride is that the best way to satisfy our customers is to listen and learn from them. So, with the help of an international advisory panel of knitters and crocheters, we developed a range of needle styles and types that we are confident will meet and exceed the needs of all users, whatever their level of experience. In the days to come, we hope you will share your comments with us so that we can continue to grow and meet the standards of all knitters, and crochet enthusiasts.