Double-Ended Stitch Holder

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Small 2.75mm-4mm (teal)
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Working with many stitches is a breeze with our Double-Ended Stitch Holders. This unique design allows you to move stitches from either end of the holder to keep them safe and secure when not in use.

Small (Blue) Holder is 5-1/4" in length. For needle sizes 2US(2.75mm) to 7(4.5mm) 2 pcs./pack

Medium (Teal) Holder is 5-1/4" in length. For needle sizes 5US(3.75mm) to 11(8.0mm) 2 pcs./pack

Large (Orange) Holder is 6-1/2" in length. For needle sizes 11US(8.0mm) to 15(10.0mm) 2 pcs./pack

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