Architexture: Shape and Surface

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In Architexture, each project is built from textures and shapes that grow one stitch at a time. The materials themselves also come from small concepts, individually crafted to be special and unique.

I’ve chosen to focus on the amazing small businesses that have worked hard to create more ecologically sound practices. The dyers whose yarns I have featured care about our environment; each is making a conscious, mindful effort to promote an industry that reduces pollution significantly by using fewer chemicals or inventing techniques that use less water. There is a great deal of focus on innovation, sustainability and maintaining the integrity of the fibre used to create their yarns.

It is with great pride that I present this series of pieces designed using the creations of some truly outstanding people. In some cases, I decided to let these sources be the inspiration during my creative process.

More about Robbie Laughlin

Robbie Laughlin is a knitwear designer living in Toronto, Ontario. He has designed patterns for Estelle YarnsEweknitRib Magazine, and many other sources.