Outlander Fingerless Mittens

You’ll love these quick-knit, easy-to-wear, fingerless mittens that can be worn indoors or out, by themselves, or over a pair of thinner gloves.

They are knitted flat in stocking stitch with just a few rows of garter stitch – you only need to knit and purl!

Ach, they’re fun!


  • One ball of Cascade’s Lana Grande – 79.5 metres per 100 grams
  • 8.0 mm needles


  • Tapestry needle for seaming


  • 10 sts over 4 inches in stocking stitch (or 2.5 sts per inch)


  • Length: 8.5 inches Width: 3.75 inches
  • This 22-stitch version fits many adults comfortably, even a 6-foot tall male. It is photographed on a 5-foot tall female with a 7.25-inch hand circumference.  For a different size, simply add or subtract stitches.  For  example, with a gauge of 2.5 sts per inch, adding 2 sts will provide close to an extra inch in width.  For a child’s hand, you might subtract an inch worth of sts, so cast on 19 or 20 sts.  At this gauge, one stitch can make a difference!


  • k knit
  • mm millimetres
  • p purl
  • RS right side (or public side)
  • sts stitches
  • WS wrong side (or inside)


  • Using long tail cast on, cast on 22 sts. Knit 2 rows.  (If using a “short tail cast on” such as cable or knitted cast on, knit 3 rows.)
  • * Knit one row. Purl one row; repeat from * 14 times.
  • WS Row: Knit.
  • RS Row: Knit.
  • Cast off in knit on next wrong side row.


  • Work a mattress stitch seam, as follows, from lower edge up to base of thumb. Then work mattress stitch seam from top edge down to thumb ‘crotch’, leaving a comfortable opening for thumb.
  • Thread tapestry needle with separate piece of yarn (20 inches long).
  • Fold knitting so that right/public side is facing up and edges are side-by-side. When looking between the 2 edge sts, as pictured below, you will see a horizontal thread running between them.
  • * Insert tapestry needle under the horizontal thread and up into next space. The tapestry needle should point away from you.
  • Insert tapestry needle under corresponding horizontal thread on other edge of knitting, between the 2 edge sts.
  • Return to first edge of fabric and insert tapestry needle under next thread. (Enter the same space where the yarn from the previous stitch is coming from.)
  • Continue until you have worked 6 to 8 rows on each edge. Pull yarn tight.  The edge sts will form the seam allowance on the inside of the garment.
  • Slightly loosen final stitch to see where needle should be placed; repeat from *.
  • Continue seaming, working up to base of thumb. Then start at upper edge and seam down to ‘crotch’ of thumb.
  • Weave in ends. Gently soak in warm water with Eucalan to soften your fabric.  Roll in a towel and lay flat until dry.

Mattress Stitch

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