Mitten Challenge Results

Our 2015 mitten campaign has now been completed.

Mitten Challenge Winners

We’re very proud of our knitting community!!!  Thank you for your generosity!

Over 75 pairs of mittens were donated and delivered to Violence Against Women Services, Elgin County on October 31, 2015.

Over $158 was donated through the sale of our “Classic DK Mitten” pattern in the shop and on Ravelry.

17 pairs of mittens were entered in our contest.  Voting took place on our website and in the shop between Oct. 15 and 30. Congratulations and ‘thank you’ to our winners.

Cables – Jan|Colourwork – Cathy|“Makes My Heart Sing” – Joanne

LRM staff were asked to try their hands at our Classic DK Mitten pattern.  See what we came up with!

Staff Mittens

While attending a funding announcement for Violence Against Women’s future new home, Joan was struck by one of the speaker’s comments: ‘…the number of violent attacks has not decreased in recent years.  Until we can help children in abusive situations develop self-respect, we won’t see the change we are hoping for.”

Since Little Red Mitten had chosen VAW as our focus charity for 2015, we wondered what we could do “to make the change we wish to see in our world”.  Dishcloths are great for moms.  Maybe mittens would be great for the kids …and moms – but not just any mittens!

What if we had a Mitten Contest (with a closing date of Oct. 14 – Norway’s Mitten Day) with voting …and prizes awarded for special donated mittens?  Would our customers make a pair (or more) that would make a child feel special, well-dressed, ‘cool’ and warm all at the same time …and also, loved by their community?

So …we asked if you could create mittens in child to teen sizes, and mom sizes, too.  You made them fun, funky, ‘cool’, appealing, and warm.  Our goal was that they keep hands and hearts warm and you delivered!

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