Zing Crochet Hook

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Zing Hooks
2.00 mm
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Zing single ended crochet hooks come in a spectrum of colours so bright and lively that it takes away one’s breath!

The shiny silver tips make it easy to crochet with any colour  while the perfectly smooth surface and shaped hooks let you crochet easily.

Available in sizes 2.0mm – 6.0mm.

More About Knitter's Pride

Our core belief at Knitter's Pride is that the best way to satisfy our customers is to listen and learn from them. So, with the help of an international advisory panel of knitters and crocheters, we developed a range of needle styles and types that we are confident will meet and exceed the needs of all users, whatever their level of experience. In the days to come, we hope you will share your comments with us so that we can continue to grow and meet the standards of all knitters, and crochet enthusiasts.