The Yarn Therapist: MICROSTRIPE Self-Striping Sock

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Iris Apfel
Iris Apfel
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MICROSTRIPE Self-Striping Sock

These Microstripe self-striping sock kits are a gradient of colour that transitions over thin stripes that alternate with a semi-solid. They are dyed in a blank and then wound into a skein. And are Always One of a Kind (colourways can be in the spirit of).

Microstripe Self Stripe Sock Yarn makes a 2-3 row stripe of the semi solid followed by a 2-3 row stripe in the gradient, so you end up with semi solid, gradient, semi solid, gradient, etc. Colourway repeats twice per skein (once per sock).

Each set includes a mini. 

Yarn Base Details

Regular Sock - 80% Superwash Merino / 20% Nylon
+115-120g / 400y
Fingering weight, MICROSTRIPE self-striping yarn
Proudly dyed in Ontario, Canada