Ricorumi DK Color

Prix ordinaire
Prix soldes
Prix ordinaire
Prix unitaire
001 White
002 Cream
003 Light Grey
004 Pearl Grey
005 Vanilla
006 Yellow
007 Pastel Pink
008 Rose
009 Coral
010 Smoky Rose
012 Candy Pink
013 Raspberry
015 Berry
018 Violet
019 Mauve
020 Purple
021 Salmon
022 Powder
023 Peach
024 Smokey Orange
026 Tangerine
027 Orange
030 Burgundy
032 Blue
034 Denim
036 Navy Blue
037 Ice Green
038 Patina
039 Turquoise
042 Emerald
044 Grass Green
047 Pistachio
048 Olive
050 Fir Green
052 Light Brown
053 Caramel
054 Ecru
055 Beige
057 Chocolate
056 Nougat
058 Silver Grey
059 Mouse Grey
060 Black
061 Ivory
063 Saffron
064 Mustard
065 Blush
068 Papaya
070 Apricot
074 Aqua
076 Marsh Green
077 Pea
079 Grey
001 White
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The Ricorumi DK is perfect for every crochet enthusiast! Ricorumi DK is the great for making amigurumi, toys, and other small items that need lots of different colours. These adorable miniature balls are just the right size of crocheting these popular items!
100% Cotton
  • Meters Per Ball: 57.5 m / 62.8 yds
  • Needle Size/Tension: 3.0-4.0mm | 22sts

More About Rico Design

Our world is sequins, stranded cotton, canvas, renaissance beads, glue, pompons, felting wool, charms, fabrics, linen bands, merino wool, acrylic paint, embroidery books, joggle eyes, sock yarn and paper. Our world is colourful.

We have new ideas for craft, stitching, knitting and jewellery every day and think about how our customers can have even more fun with our products. We share those ideas, write instructions and take pictures.

We develop fantastic ideas and work together as a team with our suppliers for a quality, timely development: from creative product development to delivery. We work continually on the improvement of our products and our internal company processes. It is never boring – there is always a new challenge.

Collegiality, respect and responsibility are values that are firmly established in our company. Each and every person contributes their knowledge, their experience, and their personality to our business. We support our team, work with short decision-making paths, and enjoy our work.