Mindful Collection - Serenity Fixed Circular Set

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Item Description


The Mindful Collection interchangeable circular needle tips are lovingly crafted out of stainless steel. These needle tips are durable, long-lasting, environmentally friendly and recyclable.

This stunning set of circular lace needles centers around the concept of serenity. Finding those moments of peace and tranquility are so important - even amongst the hustle and bustle of modern life. The set is enclosed in a beautiful, fabric case with a lovely silver charm zipper. Inspirational words, for example - imagine, believe, breathe, create, focus - are printed on each needle size. They are clearly visible and are there to inspire you and bring you a moment of positivity and peace.

This set of 40" fixed circular needles is artfully packaged in a circular needle case that folds for easy storage. Containing sizes US1-8, this fixed circular needle set is ideal for our "magic loop" fans as well as those working on larger circular needle projects Each of the 8 needle pockets are labeled for size and fast identification. The fixed circular needle case comes with a separate accessory case that holds a sizer, markers and 2 tapestry needles.


  • US1 / 2.25mm
  • US2 / 2.75mm
  • US3 / 3.25mm
  • US4 / 3.5mm
  • US5 / 3.75mm
  • US6 / 4mm
  • US7 / 4.5mm
  • US8 / 5mm


  • 1 Needle Gauge
  • 2 Darning Needles
  • 10 Locking Stitch Markers
  • 10 Split Stitch Markers
  • 10 Round Stitch Markers