Mindful Collection - Smart Interchangeable Cords

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The Mindful Collection Smart Fixed Cords will work with all Knitter's Pride needles.

Strong and flexible - made of finest grade material.

Smooth coated and teal in color.

Marked at 1" intervals for convenient measuring.

Memory free for no twisting.

Cable Lengths:
- 35cm/14" 
- 56cm/22"
- 76cm/30"
- 94cm/37"

When you add the 5" tips you will get 24", 32", 40", 47" total.

Offered with teal colored end caps with the floral print are a delight to use and the cord keys used for tightening the tips to the cord come with a color coordinated top.

Comes with 1 cord key & 2 end caps.


More about Knitter's Pride Mindful Collection

The Knitter's Pride Mindful Collection products were created to aid you in the Art of Mindful Meditation. We understand the importance of knitting for anxiety and stress relief. That is the reason we developed the Mindful Collection line, which includes a full selection of stainless-steel knitting needles and important accessories. This includes fixed circular needles, interchangeable circular needles and double pointed needles. Each needle displays a special word that encourages contemplation on the soothing nature of knitting. In addition, we have developed an assortment of needle sets, each of which delivers additional value. The Mindful Collection knitting accessories complement the entire collection's intent with its beautiful symbols, colors and packaging.