Briggs and Little Heritage

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Briggs and Little Heritage is a premium Canada grade wool knitting yarn made from 100% domestic wool, and is milled, carded, dyed, and spun at the Briggs and Little factory in York Mills, New Brunswick, Canada. It’s the same place it’s been for over 150 years.

Today, Briggs & Little is one of the few remaining vertical woolen mills in Canada and North America. For example, the Briggs and Little woolen mill performs all of the processes and functions to change raw wool into wool spun yarns and products, all under one roof.  Mill processes include scouring, dying, blending, carding, spinning, reeling, packaging and labeling.

Try crocheting and knitting wool fabrics with the same hand-knitting yarns that your Grandma and Great Grandma used!

This yarn is suitable for: Knitting sweaters, vests, socks, mittens, gloves, scarves, hats or afghans, weaving blankets or upholstery material.

Fibre Content: 100% Pure Wool
Weight /Yardage: 113 g = 196 m /215 yds
Gauge /Tension: 17 sts = 4″ /10 cm on 5.0 mm ndls
Knitting Weight: Aran /Heavy Worsted
Care: Hand Wash; Lay Flat to Dry

More About Briggs & Little Woolen Mills

Briggs & Little Woolen Mills Ltd. has been the name of the woolen mill located in York Mills, NB, Canada, since 1916. Previous to that it was called Little’s Woolen Mills, and previous to that York Woolen Mills.

The mill was first started in 1857 by George Lister who was one of the original grant holders in the Harvey area. Over the first 30-35 years the mill changed hands a few times. In the 1890’s it was bought by Roy Little, who ran it until 1916 when illness forced his family to move to the Prairies for a dryer climate. At this time the business was bought by Mathew Briggs and Howard Little, giving us the name, it has held to this day.

Briggs & Little carried on under the ownership of these two gentlemen until the sudden passing of Mr. Briggs left half ownership to his son Russell. The younger Mr. Briggs continued on with Howard Little in the business until 1948, when Russell sold his share to a lifelong employee, Ward Little.

Ward Little and Howard Little ran the mill until 1954, at this time Howard sold his shares to his son, Roy. These gentlemen ran the mill as partners until 1978 when Ward sold his shares to his grandson, John Thompson and Roy sold half of his shares to his son John Little. In 1988, John Thompson and John Little became partners. In 2014, John Thompson retired and Michael Little purchased 50% of Briggs & Littles shares.
John Little and Michael Little, father and son, are currently the sole owners of Briggs and Little Woolen Mills Ltd. John working in the office and Michael running the mill.