Botties Shoe Soles BASIC EDITION

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Botties BASIC EDITION is the latest addition to our wide product range, offering easy-to-use soles for DIY shoes. These soles cater to the needs of craft enthusiasts, providing a brilliant footwear solution that provides you with the right foundation to create your own personalized shoes using crochet, knitting, felting or sewing techniques.

Currently available in three of the most popular sizes

  • US 6.5/7.5
  • US 8.5/9.5
  • US 10.5/11.5

What's included in our Botties Basic Edition:

  • 1 pair of Botties® shoe soles
  • 1 pair of felt insoles
  • 5 meters of waxed thread to connect to the upper shoe
  • 1 pair of Botties® labels

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