Modern Daily Knitting - Field Guide No. 23: Glow

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Off we go with Arne and Carlos! Welcome to a world of exuberant color and pattern, from the brilliant, beloved designers. Scroll down to see all four designs—this is knitting at its most joyful. Really loving the way Arne and Carlos tap into Norwegian knitting traditions, but with a modern sensibility. So fun!

We’re so happy to introduce you to a set of designs that are full of color, style, and joy. This is knitting for the cozy days of winter—straight from the beautiful knitting traditions of Norway.

  • Setesdal Hat. Get your colorwork going with this simple design—it’s a glorious way to try out Arne and Carlos’s color sense and easy stitch patterns.
  • Valdres Pullover. A completely modern take on traditional Norwegian design, this is the sort of treasure to knit and love forever. We love the mix of colors and pattern here, full of surprise and fun. The hem-up construction, ending in a raglan construction at the shoulders, makes for stranded knitting in the round that is mesmerizing and surprisingly easy to keep track of. The black-and-white stitch pattern is so cool. And the bands of solid color provide a break along the way.
  • Rosy Mittens. The classic Norwegian mitten, with modern color added for fun. These are knitted in two colors, then embroidery adds the details. We made two samples, one red and white, the second red and black.
  • Kos Neckwarmer. Arne and Carlos are constantly cooking up neckwarmers that are all about whimsy and good cheer. This one is stacked with hearts and zigzags and colorful fun. It also happens to be an incredible warming layer.