I’ve Got These Sweater Pieces, Now What? (Learn to Seam) with Katrina

Seaming two turquoise knit squares with white yarn
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February 20, 2020 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

I’ve Got These Sweater Pieces, Now What? (Learn to Seam) with Katrina

Thursday, February 20th,  6-8pm (2 hours)

Not all sweater designs can be created seamlessly. Some styles require seams and while it adds an extra step to finishing, seams can provide clothing with the strength and structure needed to keep its shape for years of wearing and washing. Seams can seem daunting (hah!) but they don’t have to be. Learn 3 basic seaming techniques that will give you the foundation you need to start making seamed/pieced sweaters.

You can either work along with the instructor and have a finished baby sweater at the end of class, or work with 4”x4” swatches.

We will learn horizontal seams (used for shoulders), vertical seams (used for sweater sides), and combining the two for a perpendicular seam (used for attaching the sleeve).

Please bring to class: Completed knitted and blocked homework, a few extra yards of the yarn used to knit the sweater, a blunt darning needle, scissors, and locking stitch markers or coil-less safety pins.

Prerequisites: Must be familiar with knitting, purling, increasing, decreasing, and changing colours. Cost: $50



What you'll need: 

·   Three pieces of the “Gingersnap” baby cardigan by Kristen Rettig, knit and blocked or two to four 4" x 4" knit swatches with

·  A few yards of extra yarn (the same yarn used to make the sweater or a contrasting colour if you are using swatches)

·  Blunt darning needle

·  Scissors

·  Locking stitch markers or coiless safety pins


Option 1: Knit at least three pieces of the “Gingersnap” cardigan by Kristen Rettig and gently block them. Only weave in the ends from colour changes, leave the yarn tails from the cast on and bind off from each piece. You’ll need at least three pieces (the back, the solid front (right front) and the striped sleeve.

Option 2: Knit two to four 4” by 4” swatches in stockinette with worsted weight yarn. Do not add any extra borders. Gently block the swatches.

Pattern (free on Ravelry):