ARNE & CARLOS – New Nordic – Knitting & Purling the Norwegian Way – Ergonomic Knitting

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November 29, 2019 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

ARNE & CARLOS - New Nordic - Knitting & Purling the Norwegian Way - Ergonomic Knitting

New Nordic - Knitting and Purling the Norwegian Way - Ergonomic Knitting

The Norwegian knitting style focuses on shifting the tensioning of the yarn away from the finger and onto the needle. This is done by minimizing the distance between the yarn, the needle and left index finger. By holding the yarn as close as possible to the needle and picking from the finger you will never have to think about tensioning the yarn correctly, as all you need to do is knit or purl and the tension will come automatically! When you knit the Norwegian way, you will also be able to better relax the muscles in your neck, shoulder, arms and hands. In that sense, Norwegian style knitting is actually much more ergonomic than many other ways of knitting. And finally, there is one more added bonus of knitting the Norwegian way: you will increase the speed of your knitting dramatically! In this class, ARNE & CARLOS will teach you the basics of knitting and purling the Norwegian way, as we knit a hat using chunky yarn. The Norwegian purl is particularly fun to learn: Arne always says it is like a dance!

Class kits must be purchased separately from Little Red Mitten. They will be available shortly, and we will contact participants for kit selection.

Needles (not included):
1 circular needle size 6mm / US 10, length 40cm / 16"
1 set of 5 DPNs size 6mm / US 10

VERY IMPORTANT note about needles:
Because you are shifting the tension from the way you hold the yarn and on to the needle, there is nothing you can do to control the tension, as it comes automatically. The only way to get the right tension if you are a loose knitter is to go down a size in needles and if you are a tight knitter you will need to go up a size in needles. Therefore, the specified needle size for this project is for the people who knit to the specified gauge and must be taken with a pinch of salt. If you already know that you knit loosely or tightly, we ask you to consider that when you select the needles to bring this class. Or if you are unsure, just bring needles in a couple of sizes, so we may help you determine the correct size in class.

Homework: N/A

Level of knitting proficiency required:

Some experience in knitting and purling required, participants should know how to knit and purl either as Continental style knitters ("pickers") or English style knitters ("throwers"). This class is suitable for inexperienced and intermediate knitters as well as advanced knitters who want to learn the Norwegian way to knit.

Important Note:
We will be focusing on teaching the Norwegian Knit and Purl so please do not expect to finish the entire hat in the class, as the hat itself may take longer than 3 hours to complete. However, ARNE & CARLOS will give you lots of tips to take home with you, so you can finish later.

Price: $165 Plus Class Kit ($31.50)

All classes include coffee/tea/water and written class materials.  Class prices do not include yarn or needles.  Class descriptions detail yarn and needle requirements for each class. We are offering yarn kits for each class that can be pre-purchased to ensure you have the specified yarn for your chosen class.  These will be waiting for you at your class.

Friday and Saturday's classes will be held at The The Atrium in St. Thomas.  Should you require any special mobility accommodations please let us know in advance and we can work together to find a solution.  Sunday's lecture and afternoon class will be held at the beautifully-renovated CASO Station in St. Thomas.

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