Cotton Bouclé

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Unit Price
100 Natural
913 Beige
5139 Lime
5169 Fuchsia
5213 Cayenne
5110 Seaton
1934 Nile Green
5314 Magenta
1152 Vert Fonce
1244 Olive
5153 Mauve
1831 Vert Pale
5067 Periwinkle
5506 Emeraude
1425 Marine
8115 Stone
415 Pale Grey
5096 Cerise
100 Natural
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Cotton Bouclé is often used with 8/2 cotton or cottolin for towel weaving, and sometimes as both warp and weft.

Material: 100% Non-mercerized cotton
Physical Weight: 227g/8.0 oz
Approximate Yardage: 1150 yd/cone
Sett: 12-15 dpi

Cotton Bouclé is available in all 80 colours that are provided for the regular Brassard cotton line – additional colours would need to be special ordered for you. Inquire HERE about the colour you are looking for.

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