From beginners to experienced fibre enthusiasts, there is something for you at LITTLE RED MITTEN. Our expert teachers can help you learn to knit, weave, crochet, spin or dabble in other interesting fibre arts while you pick up plenty of tips and ideas to help with future projects. Our goal is to give you the skills and knowledge to help you make wise choices which result in pleasing and successful projects.

I thoroughly enjoyed your class and learned lots in an easy relaxed atmosphere.  I hope to be able to take in more of your classes.”

Sew A Fine Seam with Joan
Great seams can help create a garment that you’ll be proud to wear.  In this 3-hour finishing class, you’ll practice several important seams, pick up stitches, discuss blocking and learn tips for improving your next (or first) sweater.  Homework swatches need to be completed before the class – get your homework assignment when you sign up for the class.  Cost $30


Learn to Weave with Monika
In this 7-hour class, learn basic weaving terms, how to set up your loom, and weave a scarf.  We will discuss various yarns, finishing, embellishment techniques and how to apply them to a wide range of projects.  Some rigid heddle looms are available to rent.  Cost $65


Fair Isle Knitting with Joan
Join us for an introduction to this beautifully inspiring knitting technique.  Learn to knit with 2 yarns in your right hand, or with 1 yarn in each hand, trapping floats when necessary – a different method for each yarn.  Learn how your work is affected by yarn position, and the importance of maintaining that position.  We’ll practice techniques and discuss colour and yarn choices in the morning, and then start a project after lunch.

Suggested projects are one of Joan’s Three Fair Isle Cowls or one of 4 Shetland Wool Week hats – Baa-ble Hat, Crofthoose Hat, Bousta  Beanie or Merrie Dancers Toorie.  Please bring a 16-inch circular needle and two contrasting colours of wool yarn for technique practice.  For the projects, you will need a 16-inch circular in approximatey 3.0 to 3.5 mm for Shetland jumper weight yarns or in a 4.5 to 5.0 mm for worsted weight yarns (Baa-ble Hat).  Cost $35 (for the 4 hour class)  Joan’s Cowl patterns and the Merrie Dancers Toorie pattern are free – the others, purchased on Ravelry through us.


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Didn’t find what you were looking for? How about a private lesson?

Individual Knitting Instruction: $20 per hour
Call Little Red Mitten (519-207-2880) to discuss this with Joan and reserve your time.

Individual Spinning or Weaving Instruction: $25 per hour
Instruction could be for a rigid heddle, a 4-harness, an inkle loom, a spindle or a wheel. Call Little Red Mitten (519-207-2880) to discuss this and arrange a time.


For a taste of Joan’s teaching and a demonstration of the mattress stitch,
please watch this video.

The pattern for Joan’s Outlander Fingerless Mittens (as seen in demonstration video) is available as a free download.

Still not seeing it? The following classes are offered from time to time. Phone or email if you’d like to be notified when one of these is being scheduled. Knowing what you want helps us to plan ahead!

This is by no means an exhaustive list. Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

We also have guest teachers who cover spinning (wheel or spindle) and other fibre arts. Keep your eye on the newsletter for upcoming guest teachers.

Knitting Basics
This 6-hour class is for absolute beginners or returning knitters who want to learn or review how to knit, purl, cast on and cast off. As time allows, we will discuss how to fix simple mistakes, recognize incorrect stitch mount, know which way to go when picking up your knitting, create different fabrics using knit and purl …and more. There will be several choices of projects that you may work on over the three weeks but those supplies will be extra.

Just the Basics!
Learn to knit in an afternoon!!! You’ll knit, purl, cast on, cast off …and more! We’ll take a quick tour of the shop and learn about the many tools and yarns available. We’ll discuss fibres and gauge and how to produce a variety of knit fabrics. You’ll go home with lots of inspiring beginner project ideas.

Beyond the Basics
Pre-requisite: must be very comfortable with knit, purl, and casting on and off. This six-hour class will include cast on methods, casting off in pattern, several increase and decrease methods, fixing simple mistakes, an intro to simple lace and cables, understanding knit fabrics, discussion of fibres, tension, pattern reading, seaming, using double points and circulars, …and more as time allows.

Alumni UFO’s
If you’ve ever taken a class with Joan and still have an UnFinished Object from the class waiting to be completed, join this Knit Along group and get some extra help. I hear there are some felt clogs, February Lady Sweaters, Baby Surprise Jackets, Socks, Mittens, first dishcloth and scarf projects out there which deserve some love and attention!!! Come on out for an inspiring 2-hour session.

Get Knitting!
This class is based on what you want to learn. Bring along your questions and unfinished projects and we’ll try to solve any problems. We’ll look at several basic, skill-building patterns and talk about projects that would work at your current skill level. We will also discuss how to “read between the lines” of standard knitting patterns. This class is designed for new knitters who know some of the basics but want to know more.

Baby Surprise Jacket
This adorable baby sweater is done in garter stitch and was designed by Elizabeth Zimmermann in 1968. The updated 12-page pattern offers child and adult sizing, a collar and a hood. If you’d like to work through this project with some guidance and helpful tips and ideas, join us for this two week class – total of 4 hours.

Building Blocks Afghan
During this series of 8 classes, you’ll take your knitting skills to the next level while working through 12 afghan blocks. We’ll cover pattern and chart reading, cables and mock cables, arch, 2015 Page 5 increases and decreases, lace and twisted stitches, slip stitches and bobbles and seaming …and much, much more! This class is best suited to intermediate knitters, or beginners who are very comfortable with knit and purl, and want to take their skills to the next level.

February Baby Sweater (aka Baby Sweater on Two Needles)
This adorable baby sweater was designed by Elizabeth Zimmermann, and is one of the fabulous projects in the book, Knitter’s Almanac. It is worked top-down in garter stitch with an easy and beautiful lace pattern for the body and sleeves. You must bring or purchase a opy of Knitter’s Almanac in order to receive Joan’s pattern notes for the class. 4-hours over 2 weeks.

February Lady Sweater by Pamela Wynne
This fun-to-knit-and-easy-to-fit sweater is modelled after Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Baby Sweater on Two Needles from her Knitter’s Almanac (a February project). It is a flattering top- down sweater that can be tried on as you go and has a finished bust size of 35 to 52.5 inches. Please download and print this free pattern before coming to class (or talk to us if this is a problem.)

First Steps Sweater
If you want to understand simple sweater design, gauge and the construction of a sweater, this is the class for you! Gain confidence while working from Joan’s pattern for an indented sleeve or a set-in sleeve, V-neck baby or toddler sweater (limited choice of sizes). Learn techniques that will improve any sweater you make, from cast on to cast off and everything in between!

Introduction to Cables
If you’ve been intrigued by the intricate look of cables and would love to learn this popular knitting technique, come and join us for a 2-hour workshop. We’ll work swatches with basic cables and learn to read charts and written cable instructions. As time allows, we will plan a cabled scarf project and discuss reversible cables.

Cast Ons and Cast Offs
Using the right cast on for the job can make a big difference! See how several different methods look when combined with various stitch patterns. Learn how to ensure a loose cast on (and cast off) and experiment with creative ways to start and finish a project. We’ll cover crochet/provisional, cable, (knit and/or purl), knitted, e-wrap, long tail, (knit and/or purl) two-colour, picot, twisted German, tubular …and a variety of cast offs, too!

Continental Knitting
Learn to knit and purl by carrying the yarn in your left hand in the “continental” style. This style is very useful for those who want to knit Fair Isle or stranded projects. You can try several methods of purling, including the “lazy purl,” my favourite method for working ribbing or seed stitch, and see how the continental style can be useful for fixing mistakes.

Knit a Fair Isle Cowl
Fair Isle knitting is a beautiful and colourful way to add spark to your knitting life. In this 4-hour class, you will learn the basic techniques for stranded or Fair Isle knitting in the round using either a two-hand or one-hand method, …and learn how to knit, cut and finish a steek – EEK! Choose from one of three patterns to knit yourself a cosy cowl. Must be quite comfortable with knit and purl. 4 hours over 2 weeks.

Felted Bag
If you can knit and cast on and would love to learn how to knit in the round on circular needles, this class is for you! You will learn how to knit back and forth on circulars, pick up stitches, knit in the round, make I-cord and then get valuable advice on felting your finished bag at home.

Felted Bowl
If you can knit and cast on and would love to learn how to knit in the round, this 3-hour class is for you! You’ll learn a neat way to join your work for circular knitting, work two types of decreases and then get great advice on felting your finished bowl at home. You will need one ball of wool, a circular needle and a set of double pointed needles (although you can make do with just the double pointed needles if you prefer).

Felt Clogs
This 3-hour class will guide you through the popular Fiber Trends Felt Clogs pattern. We’ll discuss the felting process which turns your huge floppy creations into comfy-cozy, long-lasting footwear. But be careful – everyone will be asking you to make them a pair!!!

Fixing Mistakes
Being able to fix mistakes is probably the most important skill for knitting with confidence!!! You’ll rarely have to rip back and then reknit everything. In this 2.5 hour class, you will learn to read your knitting, recognize mistakes, try several time-saving fixes and practise an ounce of prevention. Bring worsted weight yarn, 4.50 or 5.00 mm needles, a 4.50 mm or 5.00 mm crochet hook and a darning needle. Please pick up your homework assignment when you pay for this 2.5-hour class.

Got Gauge!
Learn how a simple gauge swatch can make your knitting projects more successful. We’ll discuss ways of working swatches, what information you can learn from the swatch and how to use the numbers to plan or design your own simple project. You’ll learn how to read your pattern and use simple math to decide on the best size. In this 2-hour class, we’ll also look at EPS (Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Percentage System) for designing sweaters and discuss ease and even how to make wise yarn substitutions!

Introduction to Lace
Pre-requisite: must be very comfortable with knitting and purling.
In this 4-hour class, we’ll practise a variety of yarn overs and decreases, learn to read “knitter’s code” and charts, and experiment with lifelines, reading your knitting and fixing mistakes. You might choose to start one of Joan’s Talbot Series Shawls in a fingering / sock weight yarn, start another pattern of your choice, or work on a doll-sized shawl in a heavier yarn to discover the geometry of shawl construction. We’ll also learn about fibres, helpful tools and blocking.

Mitten Making
Make a cozy mitten in your choice of six sizes while learning to knit on double pointed needles. We’ll knit a gusset style thumb and talk about fingerless mittens, ribbing variations, striping, “idiot strings” and fibre choice. Every Canadian needs to know how to knit (red) mittens! This class is run for 4 hours over 2 weeks.

Thrummed Mittens and Classic Mittens
Learn to work on double pointed needles and make a basic mitten in your choice of 6 sizes …or work a similar pattern and add thrums for extra cosiness. Every Canadian should know how to knit (red) mittens! This class is run for 4 hours over 2 weeks.

Thrummed Mittens
These may be the warmest and cosiest mittens ever! You’ll love watching the recipient’s face as they put a hand inside one of these mittens. We’ll be working these mitts on a set of 5 double pointed needles. Learn how to use dpns, add thrums, work a thumb gusset with paired increases and finish the mitten tip with paired decreases.

Introduction to Ravelry
Ravelry is like “Facebook” for knitters and crocheters. With well over two million members, there’s inspiration and information galore! We’ll help you become a member, if you aren’t already, and learn to make the best use of your time. Find that elusive pattern you’ve been looking for, get the stats on your favourite new yarn, and start keeping track of all your projects. You’ll wonder how you survived without it!

Fabulous Finishing – Necklines
Finishing can make or break a project. Learn tips for neckline decreases and picking up stitches around neck edges and armholes. We’ll cover square neck and crew neck finishes plus two fabulous V-neck finishes … and a sampling of easy edge finishes, as time allows.

Sew a Fine Seam
Great seams can help complete a garment that you’ll be proud to wear. In this 3-hour finishing class, you’ll practice several important seams, discuss blocking and learn tips for improving your next (or first) sweater. Homework swatches will need to be completed before the class – get your homework assignment when you sign up for the class.

Short Rows (and Aviatrix Hat)
Learn the standard wrap and turn (W&T) method on both knit side and purl sides. We’ll pick up the wraps, and then see what happens when we don’t pick them up. We’ll include the Japanese, German and yarn over methods to see which you prefer. The adventurous can try knitting back backwards (a way to avoid turning the work when you just have a few stitches to work). Since we’ll be working on a baby/child/adult hat pattern called “Aviatrix,” we’ll also practice picking up stitches plus discuss how to “decrease evenly across the row.” Discussion will include other short row uses and other project ideas.

Sock Science
Pre-requisite: must be very comfortable with knitting and purling.
In this series of three two-hour classes, you will knit a sock from the cuff down to the toe. (Please allow for “homework knitting” between classes.) Week one will include an introduction to double pointed needles, sock parts, history, knitting styles, cast on, ribbing and stocking stitch for the leg. Week two will have you knitting a heel flap and a heel turn. In week three, we’ll be working gussets in paired decreases and discussing toe decreases and grafting (aka Kitchener stitch).

Pre-requisite: must be very comfortable with knitting and purling.
In this quick, one-day sock class, we’ll work from the cuff to the toes on a mini-sock and learn a circular join, knitting on 5 dpns, the heel flap, heel turn, picking up sts, gusset decreases, toe decreases and Kitchener stitch /grafting. We’ll use worsted weight wool and 3.25 or 3.5 mm double pointed needles. If you’d also like to get started on a “real” sock, you’ll need a set of five 2.0 to 2.5 mm double pointed needles.

Top-Down Shawl from the Talbot Shawl Series
Here’s your chance to start one of Joan’s Talbot Series shawls with some useful tips and tricks. Learn the tab cast on technique, understand 4 variations of yarn overs and how they work to shape your shawl, use your markers efficiently, practice a picot cast off, a k2tog cast off and a p2tog cast off, create a ruffle, and learn to keep track using the row count sheets. Please bring extra yarn and needles to practice the cast offs.

Learn to Weave on a Rigid Heddle Loom with Linda
In this 6-hour class, learn basic weaving terms, how to set up your loom, and weave a scarf. We will discuss various yarns, finishing, embellishment techniques and how to apply them to a wide range of projects. (Some rigid heddle looms will be available to rent.)

Rigid Heddle Weaving: Part 2 with Linda
This 3-hour class is for those who have basic weaving experience and are anxious to expand their creativity. Learn to create texture, lacy weaves, inlay pictures, etc. using pick-up techniques. Contact Linda for warping instructions to be done before class.

Colour and Weave Tea Towels with Linda
Learn how colour and weave effects produce “patterns” in plain weave on your rigid heddle loom. Then use what you have learned to design and weave a set of tea towels. Requirements: Loom with 10 dpi heddle, 2 colours of 2/8 cotton.

Rag Weaving with Linda
It’s not just about your grandmother’s rag rugs anymore! Come and experiment with a variety of “rag” materials. We will look at suitable warps, cut and torn rags, joins, shuttles, designing and more. Learn tricks and tips for fabulous rag projects. A rigid heddle loom is required for this class.

Rigid Heddle Pick-Up with Linda
Monday, Jan. 11 from 12:00 to 3:00 pm
Expand the possibilities of your loom by learning to use a pick-up stick (or two) to produce lacy weaves, windowpane, honeycomb, etc. Learn to read pick-up patterns and explore how to use warp and weft floats in creative ways. Please ask for the loom set up directions ahead of the class.