Year for Lopi?

We just received a lovely new book of patterns from Istex Lopi! Maybe this is the year to knit that gorgeous Icelandic sweater you've always dreamed of! Mókollar This snuggly cardigan will keep you wrapped in warmth. With sizes from S - XXL (43" - 52"), you're sure to find the perfect fit. Knit with .... [ continue reading ]

Jumbo Yarn

Located as we are just across from a giant elephant named Jumbo, it seems we ought to have some "jumbo" yarn... and we do. While it is possible to arm knit or to knit on really big needles with multiple strands of any weight of yarn, it is crazy fun to find a three-ply 50% .... [ continue reading ]


Road to China Light is a dreamy yarn you want to get your hands on (and eventually in - if you make some mittens)! To introduce this lovely yarn to you, The Fibre Co. has now released the Foundations Series. Here are four patterns aimed at the newer knitter - but equally enjoyable for those who have .... [ continue reading ]

Koigu Linen Stitch Scarves

Enjoy the play of colour and a relaxing pace as you knit one of these Linen Stitch Scarves in the lovely Koigu KPPPM. Purchase three skeins of Koigu and receive triple your loyalty points! Download the pattern here: Koigu Linen Stitch Scarf. Download some tips and tricks here: Koigu Linen Stitch Scarf Tips & Tricks.

Shetland Wool Week 2017

Wishing you were there? If you can’t get to Shetland, why not bring Shetland to you? Knit the Bousta Beanie in Real Shetland Wool in the suggested colours or come up with your own combination. We have Jamieson & Smith 2 Ply Jumper well stocked. Find the free pattern online here.

Laura Chau Collection

Just in time for Fall, Kelbourne Woolens has released another collection of designs featuring The Fibre Co. Road to China Light. .vc_btn3-style-gradient.vc_btn-gradient-btn-5cc0b8f12ea62:hover{color: #fff;background-color: #4cadc9;border: none;background-position: 100% 0;}.vc_btn3-style-gradient.vc_btn-gradient-btn-5cc0b8f12ea62{color: #fff;border: none;background-color: #75d69c;background-image: -webkit-linear-gradient(left, #75d69c 0%, #4cadc9 50%,#75d69c 100%);background-image: linear-gradient(to right, #75d69c 0%, #4cadc9 50%,#75d69c 100%);-webkit-transition: all .2s ease-in-out;transition: all .2s ease-in-out;background-size: 200% 100%;} Read more at Kelbourne Woolens .... [ continue reading ]

Sock Monkey Work Socks

Now available as a kit! I blame Mara!!!  She made so many adorable tea cosies for our Railway City Arts Crawl event, and many of them were sock monkeys, ...that I just had to come up with this sock design! This was a quick-to-write pattern, because it requires my "Sock Science Too" pattern for the short row heel.  You .... [ continue reading ]

10-Hour Cardigan

Cast on Friday; wear it on Monday! I saw a superbulky cardigan on Pinterest but couldn’t find a pattern on Ravelry so I drew a picture, did some math, and, presto! The photo I saw had bell sleeves which could easily be accomplished by not decreasing on the sleeve and decreasing by half just before .... [ continue reading ]

Brrrr… Someone needs a sweater.

I'm thinking about how cold my mom gets in the winter now that she's in her eighties. She says she may go to the store and buy a hoodie - not really her style but it would keep her warm. I'm thinking she could do with a nice, handknit sweater. Her birthday is coming up .... [ continue reading ]

Go Pokemon

My son called me this summer to ask if we could add data to his phone plan - Pokemon GO had arrived in Canada! Pokemon is back... ...and not just for twenty-somethings roaming the streets at all hours playing Pokemon GO. My 9 and 10 year old nephews have been caught up the fun for .... [ continue reading ]