Joan Janes, the owner of LITTLE RED MITTEN, has been interested in fibre arts since childhood. She has enjoyed knitting, spinning, sewing, quilting, embroidery and weaving and is always ready to learn something new.

As a teenager, she worked in the old Parkspin mill on Metcalfe St. in St. Thomas.  The challenge of keeping huge spinning machines smoothly running made her crave the peacefulness of spinning at a wheel. While living in South Dakota in 2002 she finally got a chance to learn the craft.

Joan has knitted avidly for many years and is a perpetual student.  While living in the U.S., she completed the correspondence courses for the Master Knitting program and the Finishing Program with The Knitting Guild of America (TKGA), and later marked the coursework of other knitters for several years.  She is a Certified Knitting Teacher with the Craft Yarn Council of America and has been the knitting teacher at Little Red Mitten since it opened, logging in well over 1,700 hours of teaching time.  She has taken over 300 hours in ‘live’ knitting classes and over 150 hours in DVD and Craftsy classes, and has recently started listening to books on ‘Audible’ so she can read something besides knitting books!  Joan has a Bachelor of Education, and has in the past, loved being a school teacher and a piano teacher.

Joan and her husband, Matt, are now thrilled to be living in their hometown again after many years away (and living in Caledonia, Kitchener, Kincardine, Chatham and Brookings, SD).