We are always looking for ways to save you money while continuing to offer you excellent quality, selection and service. One place we’d like to maximize your savings is on shipping. We’re pleased with both the dependability and pricing Canada Post continues to offer our small business. Whatever savings we receive from them, we pass on to you. But I’ve been thinking about how you can maximize your savings, too.

Your shipping cost may not change with a bigger order. Why not purchase the yarn for more projects at once and save yourself some shipping charges? You can spend those dollars on more yarn!

I put one 100 g ball of sock yarn in my cart to ship to my hometown. The shipping on that one ball was $10.07. But I was able to add three more balls before the shipping went up and even then, it was only $10.55 for up to 11 balls and then only $11.88 for even more.

Then I tried putting 100 g skeins in my cart… I was starting to have fun with this game. To ship one skein was a whopping $10.55. But four skeins would ship for the same cost. I could get 5-8 skeins for $11.88.

Try it yourself! See how much you can have in one order before the shipping goes up. Then see what the next threshold will be! Canada Post uses weight and dimensions and location to come up with their pricing so it really is a little game for us to figure out the best deal. Play it and save!

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